Pure Data GEM / Spout / Resolume

I programmed a small patch for oscilloscope visuals in GEM for an upcoming gig with my electronic duo DEHUS.

We had Daniel Zepeda from KVLT TOONS make other visuals for us in Resolume, and we faced the problem of combining both programs.

Since I used Mac, and the visuals where going to be run in windows so using Syphon was out of the question.

So, we had to use Spout and dive a little in order to make it work.

In our case it worked using  Pd 0.47-1 and GEM 0.94-test3.

Without further ado, here’s what I did to make the spout objects work in Pd (some steps may be extra since I didn’t test it throughly):

  1. Download Pd 0.47-1 and install it.
  2. Download GEM 0.94-test3 and extract it to %ProgramFiles(x86)%/CommonFiles/Pd (Create the folder if it isn’t there).
  3. Download this msvcr110d.dll (Provided by user whale-av in this thread) and extract it to Pd’s bin folder %ProgramFiles(x86)%/Pd/bin
    Pd bin.PNG
  4. Download Spout For GEM and extract it anywhere (I used the Downloads folder).
  5. Add the Paths for the 0.94-test3 folder and the Spout (for GEM) folder in Pd’s Edit/Preferences/Path…
    Pd Path.PNG
  6. In Startup flags… write: -lib libdir
  7. After pressing the [New…] button write libdir and press the [Ok] button.
  8. After pressing the [New…] button write Gem and press the [Ok] button.
    Pd startup.PNG
  9. Close Pd.
  10. Open spoutSend-help.pd, the object should at least appear.
  11. Download/Install Spout and run the SpoutReceiver.
  12. SpoutReceiver should be displaying a square.

I have no clue to what my friend did in Resolume, but I hope this works for you.

I tried it in Windows 7 and didn’t work, but it did work on my Windows 8.

This probably couldn’t have worked without whale-av’s msvcr110d.dll file. So props to him!




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